Tanushree Dutta controversy: Nana Patekar cancels press meet, claims his statement remains the same after 10 years


Tanushree Dutta created controversy after she exposed Nana Patekar and Vivek Agnihotri for their misconduct on sets of the films she was part of: Horn Ok Pleassss and Chocolate. Well, looks like this matter won’t die easily and therefore Nana called a press meet to address the issue along with sending notice to Dutta, demanding written apology from her. Nana did come for the press meet but did not address the issue at hand citing the reason that his lawyers have asked him not to speak over the issue as it is a legal matter now. Though media was impatient to here Nana’s side, he stuck to his word and did not utter a word about the ongoing controversy. The only thing he did say is that the statement that he made ten years ago is still the same. He said, “I always meet you guys, I have no problem with that. But, when she has reacted, I had to do this so will you please pardon me for that?”.  He further stated, “The truth which was there 10 years back, stands true even today. What is true today will remain the truth afterwards as well.”

Tanushree Dutta controversy Nana Patekar cancels press meet, claims his statement remains the same after 10 years

In case you don’t know what happened ten years ago, here is the video where Nana is addressing the same thing. He had said then, “I don’t know what is happening. I don’t have anything to do with it. If you want to know anything ask the director and dance director.” He also addressed allegations made against him that he made Tanushree uncomfortable and that everyone including Nana put her down. To which he had said that he is not answerable to this query. He was also probed on the statement he made calling Dutta his daughter and then Dutta had retorted back by saying that she wished Nana treated him like a daughter on sets to which he said, “I can’t give any explanation to this. Don’t ask these dirty questions to me. She is younger than my child. Leave it; it’s not about what she thought. This allegation is wrong. This is all I can say about it.”

Check out both videos below.

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