“Super 30 is very much on track” – says Anand Kumar


Reports claiming that the beleaguered project Super 30 directed by Vikas Bahl, chronicling the times and teachings of Bihar’s maverick mathematician, Anand  Kumar is running behind schedule, have been stoutly refuted by Anand Kumar himself.

“Super 30 is very much on track” - says Anand Kumar

Talking to this writer, Anand said, “I don’t know who is spreading this. The problem is, we’ve so many enemies, me and my producers. Together, it adds up to a destructive army. But no, our well-wishers would be happy to know Super 30 is not delayed. As of now, the release date January 25 remains unchanged.”

The film’s team is now planning the marketing and publicity for Super 30. Anand Kumar and Hrithik Roshan (who plays Anand Kumar) will tour multiple cities and towns promoting the film.

The director Vikas Bahl would not be part of the publicity campaign.

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