Sunil Gavaskar Says Cricket Not Just A Game But Also Entertainment For Present Generation

Batting legend and former India skipper Sunil Gavaskar feels cricket is not just a game but also entertainment for the present generation. With the advent of television, the current crop of players know cricket is more than a game now. “Every generation leaves a legacy behind. The present generation grew up with television. They know cricket is not only a game now but also entertainment. Entertainment not only in the sense of batting and bowling but also with their actions”, Sunil Gavaskar was quoted to as saying by news agency ANI in Pune.

Gavaskar also felt that the emergence of television has also led to players going a little overboard in the field. 

“Today, you see, even if there’s an easy catch, fielder dives, just because of television. Today even if there is no chance of run out, you throw the ball&that’s waste of energy. This throw, by becoming overthrow, sometimes may lead to your loss in the match”, he added.

Given the amount of workload cricketers go through these days, Gavaskar lauded their fitness levels

“However, I have no issues with anything else they do, but I do have a problem with their throw. The present generation’s fitness and approach is amazing, we really enjoy it. This generation has gives us lot of joy with cricket”, he signed off.

Gavaskar was one of India’s most respectable and prolific run-getters. After making his Test debut in 1971, Gavaskar went on to score 10,122 runs in 125 matches at an impressive batting average of 51.12. In 108 ODIs, he managed to amass 3092 runs at an average of 35.13.


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