Shabana Azmi’s brother Baba Azmi turns director


Shabana Azmi’s extremely shy and gifted cinematographer brother Baba Azmi is directing a film. Entitled Me Raqsam (I Dance) the film is being shot currently at Mijwan, Shabana and Baba’s father the eminent poet Kaifi Azmi’s native village.

Shabana Azmi’s brother Baba Azmi turns director

Speaking from Mijwan the proud and happy sister Shabana says, “I’m in Mijwan with my sister-in-law Tanve (Baba’s husband). The District Magistrate of Azamgarh gave the muhurat clap for Baba’s feature film Me Raqsam (I Dance). It’s being shot in a start to finish schedule in Mijwan with 14 year old resident of Mijwan, Aditi Sharma playing the protagonist. Danish Husain plays her father. It is the story of a humble tailor who fights all odds to fulfil his daughter’s dream to become a dancer. Once Abba (father Kaifi Azmi) had asked Baba in passing if a film could be shot in Mijwan. In Kaifi’s centenary year Baba pays the most fitting tribute to his father’s desire.”

Concludes Shabana, “I’ve always been proud of supportive of my brother. He is making a film that our father would have been proud of.”


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