Pritish Nandy denies Anurag Kashyap’s allegation of extortion


The impromptu titular war between media guru Pritish Nandy and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap took a nasty turn when Kashyap in a rather unbecoming tweet accused Nandy of extortion by asking for Rs 1 crore to part ways with the title Womaniya which Nandy’s company has registered as its own.

Pritish Nandy denies Anurag Kashyap’s allegation of extortion

Dripping sarcasm Kashyap wrote, “So we have decided to not pay the extortion sum of 1 crore to @PritishNandy. He can sit on the title and warm it and hope for it to hatch into something worthwhile for his company for once.”

Reacting sharply to the Kashyap’s nasty insinuation and denying the extortion allegation Pritish Nandy says, “Anurag Kashyap and I have not met nor spoken in over 20 years. Yes, we at Pritish Nandy Communications own the title Womaniya which we are using in a film. There is no question of selling or giving it away. I cannot ask for anything from a person I do not know and have not met except once twenty years ago.”

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