Preity Zinta lets go of the case registered against Ness Wadia, quashes the complaint


Preity Zinta, who is now happily married to Pete Goodenough, was caught in a series of controversies, after she decided to enter the cricket arena. The actress, who has been the Bollywood face of the team Kings XI Punjab of the Indian Premiere League, has pressed charges of molestation against the co-owner of the said team Ness Wadia way back in 2014, after a match of their team. The same case has now been quashed by the High Court. While certain reports claimed that the actress lost the case, recently a source has claimed that it has not been the case and that Preity has let go of the same.

Preity Zinta lets go of the case registered against Ness Wadia, quashes the complaint

After reports of High Court quashing the case that Preity Zinta filed against Ness Wadia started doing the rounds, now recent ones claim that it was the actress’ decision to withdraw the case. A source said, “Contrary to reports, Preity Zinta did not lose the case to Ness Wadia but in fact decided to forgive him and put the past behind her as he apologized for what happened. The case has been squashed because Preity decided to be the bigger person and let go of it. She even tweeted about her decision.”

Preity tweeted, “It feels good to move on. Put to rest and forgive. It’s amazing how one simple word can give closure. The windscreen is always larger than the rare view mirror.”

The case has been going on for since 2014 when Preity Zinta had alleged that Ness Wadia not only shouted at her but even molested her after grabbing her arm in public. There were photographs that were submitted as evidence in the case too. On the other hand, after much investigation, when Ness was called to record his statement, wherein he denied all allegations against him.

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