On Amit Shah’s “Opening” Of Kerala’s Kannur Airport, Minister Thomas Isaac’s Comment

Amit Shah was permitted to land in Kannur airport which is yet to be opened on November 9.


The “congratulations” Amit Shah tossed to partymen after landing at Kerala’s Kannur airport and his later challenge to the Left government, has irked state minister Thomas Isaac. Mr Shah, the minister indicated, was abusing the state’s hospitality.

This morning, Mr Isaac tweeted: “Amit Shah permitted to land in Kannur airport which is yet to be opened on 9th Nov.That is our tradition of hospitality. But he is threatening to oust Kerala government. Such empty threats do not frighten us. Try to win few seats in Assembly. Your frustration is understandable”.

The brand new Kannur international airport is expected to be renovated next month. But Amit Shah’s plane landed there yesterday morning, when the BJP chief visited the politically sensitive town to open a new party office. To the airport officials and the partymen who gathered to welcome him, Mr Shah said, “Congratulations, your inauguration is done”.

The state BJP tweeted, “@AmitShah ji, The very first passenger at #Kannurairport during the auspicious occasion of the inaugural function of Mararji Bhavan, Kannur.”

Addressing a rally in the city later, Mr Shah accused the Left Front government of “misusing” the row over entry to women at the Sabarimala hill shrine.

“Today in Kerala a struggle is going on between religious beliefs and state government’s cruelty. The Left government in Kerala has misused the Sabarimala issue. They have used it to arrest workers and supporters of the BJP and other political parties,” he said.

“I warn Kerala’s communist Chief Minister, don’t oppress devotees in the name of implementing the Supreme Court judgment,” he added.

The Sabarimala row has turned into a political tussle after the state government arrested nearly 3000 people for the protests at temple and stopping women from entering. The government has accused the BJP and its ideological mentor, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, of orchestrating the protests to polarize the state ahead of next year’s general elections.


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