Nintendo Switch Online Service Now Available, Brings Cloud Saves and NES Games to Console


Nintendo Switch Online is now live. The service allows Nintendo Switch owners access to online multiplayer, select NES games, and the ability to save game data to the cloud. It follows the arrival of Nintendo Switch system update 6.0.0 and a brief period of maintenance on the Nintendo eShop. The Nintendo Switch Online price starts at $4 per month (around Rs. 280), $8 for three months (close to Rs. 560) and $20 for an entire year (nearly Rs. 1,400). There is a seven day trial for Nintendo Account holders as well.

Keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch is not available in India officially, it’s safe to say that we won’t see any local pricing or availability for the Nintendo Switch Online service either. So if you own a Nintendo Switch and are residing in India, you’d probably be restricted to online subscription codes for the service or Nintendo eShop credit via the likes of Amazon US.

It is also important to note that a host of Nintendo Switch games such as Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, Splatoon 2, Fortnite, and FIFA 19 will not support cloud saves for the Nintendo Switch Online service due to concerns over cheating. This means that if your Switch console were lost, damaged or stolen, you’d have to start over from the beginning if you get a new Switch.

Nintendo’s reasoning relies on ensuring fair play in multiplayer by preventing any method by which Nintendo Switch owners could manipulate their save files to grant them powerful items or higher rankings. Although it doesn’t explain how some of those titles have support for cloud saves on other platforms such as Fortnite and FIFA 19. According to Nintendo’s European site, 1049 out of 1096 games support cloud saves.

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