Nana Patekar sues Tanushree Dutta, demands a written apology


Tanushree Dutta came in the limelight recently after she exposed Nana Patekar alleging that he sexually harassed her on the sets of Horn Ok Please in 2008. She described in greater detail how Nana, choreographer Ganesh Acharya and director Rakesh Sarang jointly harassed her and even called goons to vandalise her car. While a journalist and an assistant director present on the sets agreed with her, Acharya and Sarang went with Nana’s version. While there is largely deafening silence in the industry over this, Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Lisa Ray, Varun Dhawan are a few actors supporting her. The latest twist in the tale is that Nana’s lawyer has confirmed that he has sent a legal notice to Dutta demanding that she apologizes to Nana publicly, in writing otherwise further action will be taken against her.

Nana Patekar sues Tanushree Dutta, demands a written apology

In addition to this, Nana has also claimed that he would hold a press conference on October 5 or 6 depending when he returns from Jaisalmer where he is shooting for Housefull 4 with Akshay Kumar and others. Nana said that he has nothing to hide and is ready to answer all questions directed to him by press. Tanushree will give yet another award winning performance in the conference which will shame other actors, sarcastically calling him fake. Aside from Nana, she also took a jibe at Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth who have continually worked with him over the course of a decade.

Tanushree has claimed that she is ready to put up a fight if her harassment is NOT acknowledged by the industry and would return to work only if there is a definitive change in the behaviour and attitude of people towards female stars.

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