Kapil Sharma is in Shimla with girlfriend Ginny


The process of getting back into the groove has begun in right earnest for Kapil Sharma. A close friend reveals the comic virtuoso has gone on a strict diet to regain lost shape. Says the friend, “Not that Kapil was ever slim and trim. He is on the chubby side always and has to guard against weight gain. This he stopped doing once the show stopped. But now Ginny (Kapil’s girlfriend and life partner) has put him on a strict diet. He is allowed no cheat binging.”

Kapil Sharma is in Shimla with girlfriend Ginny

This friend reveals that Kapil is currently on an introspective break. “He is in Shimla, planning his move ahead. The new show will have to be new yet familiar to his fans.” Apparently, Krishna Abhishek was dropped from the new show. “Abhishek hamesha Kapil ke saath baraabari karne ki koshish karta rehta hai (Abhishek Krishna keeps trying to equal Kapil’s stardom). The same happened with Sunil Grover. Abhishek Krishna did wrong by going to the media about being part of Kapil’s new show when nothing was decided. It really put Kapil off. I think Kapil is looking at finding new talent to support his show,” says the friend.

The coming year will be decisive for Kapil. “He knows it’s a do-or-die scenario for him. Kapil will probably marry Ginny very shortly. We all feel this would bring stability to his life. Humein toh yehi lagta hai,” says Kapil’s friend.

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