Indian Politicians reaction on exit poll results


Indian Politics exit poll results 2019:

Indian Politicians of different parties reacted differently in different ways on indian politics exit poll results 2019. The Bharatiya Janata Party told on Sunday the results of the Lok Sabha polls on 23rd May are going to be better than expectations. The predictions of exit polls that have already favoured the BJP-led NDA alliance returning to power at the centre.

However, the Congress party told that exit polls have gone wrong in the past and that they are wrong now too. The Congress expressed confidence that the election results are going to be better for Congress party than predictions made on Sunday.

Th Aam Aadmi Party also told that exit polls have gone wrong in the past. And that the campaign of TV scientists for making Bharatiya Janata Party win are going to fail. National conference leader Omar Abdullah told that the predictions made by all exit polls results 2019 could not be wrong.

Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party Bizay Sonkar Shastri told that BJP is going to do better than the predictions made by exit polls 2019.  And he said that BJP is going to win 300 seats on its own.

Spokesperson of Congress party Rajeev Gowda, meanwhile told that the exit polls are wrong regularly. And that vote share and seat share predictions are definitely very difficult to make. This is how exit polls 2019 results are going to bring impact on Indian economy.