Home Minister Rajnath Singh Says Opposition Parties Who Plan To Form Grand Alliance With Congress May Be Forced To Start MeToo Campaign

Home Minister Rajnath Singh says opposition parties going with the Congress may have to start #MeToo


Home Minister Rajnath Singh while addressing a BJP youth event in Hyderabad on Saturday said, all opposition parties who are trying to stitch together a grand alliance may be forced to start a MeToo campaign, when they are ditched by the Congress party. 

The Home Minister said no force on earth can save any party, who ties up with the Congress.

“Jo bhi Congress ke saath gaya, usko mitne se duniya ki koi taakat nahi bacha paayi. Baad mein kahin aise haalat na ho jaayein, saari vipakshi partiyan gathbandhan kar lein aur bad mein jab Congress se dhoka kha jaayein,to #MeToo campaign chalane ke liye majboor ho jaayein (Whoever goes with the Congress will be wiped out. No force on earth can save anyone planning to go with the Congress. Later there may be a situation, when all opposition parties, who formed the grand alliance, will be forces to start a MeToo campaign, after being taken for a ride by the Congress),” said Mr Singh.


The union minister is among the top central BJP leaders who are in Hyderabad for the Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha.

An avalanche of complaints by women across the country have singed many including journalists, politicians, filmmakers and artistes.

Former union minister MJ Akbar had to resign after over 20 women journalists alleged that he had sexually harassed them when he was their boss. The allegations related to when Mr Akbar was a top newspaper editor. Mr Akbar denied the allegations and filed a defamation suit against journalist Priya Ramani, the first of over a dozen women who levelled accusations against him.


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