Google’s Art Selfie Feature in Arts & Culture App Now Available Globally on Android and iOS

Google's Art Selfie Feature in Arts & Culture App Now Available Globally on Android and iOS

Google’s App Selfie feature in Arts & Culture app matches your face to a piece of art

Art Selfie, the museum selfie match feature in Google’s Arts & Culture app, is now available globally. Google had added the museum selfie match feature to the Arts & Culture app back in January but the ‘Art Selfie’ was not available for users around the world, though it did come to India in the same month. But now, the feature is available for both Android and iOS users around the globe. The feature essentially allows users to find their “selfie doppelganger” by matching their selfies to objects in the Arts & Culture app’s database.

Google, in a blog post, stated that the aim of making Art Selfie available globally is to “make art more accessible to everyone.” It has also collaborated with more partner institutions, to double the number of artworks previously available. Michelle Luo, Product Manager, Google Arts & Culture, says, “You can be matched with tens of thousands of portraits – sometimes with surprising results like the heart-warming example of a woman in St Louis, US whose selfie was matched with a portrait of her great-grandmother, Emma. Give it a try and who knows, you might share similarities the portrait of Emperor Gojong or one of Frida Kahlo’s works.”

The Art Selfie feature by Google is powered by computer vision technology based on machine learning. When you take a selfie, the image is compared with faces in artworks that the company’s museum partners have provided. You will see get to see the results alongside a percentage to estimate the visual similarity of each match and your face. Further, you can discover more details about specific art pieces and artists.

Interestingly, following the success of the Art Selfie feature in the Arts & Culture app, it is now getting a broader integration in Google Lens. Notably, anyone can download and use the Google Arts & Culture app, as the museum selfie match feature is currently available in all countries. You can start by downloading the Google Arts & Culture from Google Play Store or App Store.


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