Five Unique Ways To Make This Day Special For Her

Daughter’s Day 2018: It’s a day to pamper her and make her feel valued.

New Delhi: 

Daughter’s day is a day to celebrate the gift of daughters. Dads and moms have different, but very special relationships with their daughters. And that is to be celebrated. Daughter’s day is a day to cherish daughters. In India, Daughter’s Day tends to be celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September. Like other special days, it’s a time for having fun, treats, and shared activities.  The initial reason for creating National or International Daughters Day was to erase the stigma in some countries attached to having a girl instead of a boy child.

This Daughter’s Day, it is time to pamper the special angel of your life and make her feel valued:

1. Brunch Date: This Daughter’s day, going out for a simple brunch  date with your daughter will not only bring you both closer but also lift her mood.


2. Staycation: A day spent at a hotel in same city, doing nothing but relaxing and doing some leisure activities.


3. A shopping spree: Who doesn’t love shopping? Take her out to her favourite places to shop.


4. A luxury salon package: Pamper your daughter with a luxury salon package- a spa, manicure, pedicure.


5. A home-cooked meal: There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal. Cook for her all by yourself or may be both of you or three of you can cook together.


Daughters Day is a day to celebrate the joy and wonder of having a baby girl and raising a daughter.


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