F1: Formula 1 2021 Concept Car Image Leaked

The image was leaked at a presentation given by Formula 1 Managing Director Ross Brawn and gives a first look at the 2021 F1 car concept.

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Ross Brawn, F1 Managing Director of Motorsports, speaking at the Tech Seminar in Singapore

While its a known fact that the Formula 1 cars will be witnessing a major overhaul in 2021 with the new regulations stepping in, we have little idea as to what the cars will look like, until now. A concept vision image of the 2021 Formula 1 car has been leaked across social media giving us a glimpse of what to expect with the new generation offering. The image was leaked ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend, when F1 Managing Director Ross Brawn was showing it a ‘Tech Talk’ seminar that had been initiated by race organisers in Singapore on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.

With the seminar being held behind close doors, there are little details as to what was discussed in regard to the 2021 F1 concept. Nevertheless, the sport’s promoters Liberty Media have time and again said that the new car will help make the sport more exciting and attractive as it aims to appeal to a younger fan base.

The concept image with the Ferrari livery boasts of several design differences over the current F1 car. The front wings gets a simpler design with the endplates sculpted more aggressively and sit much higher. The bodywork around the sidepods is also simpler on the concept, while the engine cover and the rear wing appear as one unit, or the latter is likely to mount around the engine cover. The 18-inch wheels that will be a part of the future F1 tyre contract are visible too.

The rear endplates are also appear to be integrated into the rear wheel, which will act as a safety measure, should a car get launched on top of each other in the event of a collision. You do see a more seamlessly integrated halo device in the design of the F1 car.


Like we said, there’s little information about the concept or technical specifications. F1 promoters are working with teams to finalise the car for 2021. Liberty Media has time and again said that they want the cars to be “more raceable to increase overtaking opportunities,” with the driver’s skill still be a dominant factor in the car’s performance.

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