Developing Cyclone Off Odisha To Bring Rains In Maharashtra: IMD Official


The developing cyclone off the coast of Odisha is set to bring heavy to moderate showers in Vidarbha and north madhya Maharashtra, an IMD official said on Thursday.

The official added that the state’s Konkan region, which includes Mumbai, will receive isolated downpour Saturday onwards. Sunday, incidentally, would see massive crowds in Mumbai as well as other cities in Maharashtra as people flock to water bodies to immerse Ganesh idols.

“The developments on the east coast of India are of cyclone. This has brought more moisture and it would end with heavy showers in Vidarbha region from Saturday onwards,” AK Srivastava, head of the Climate Monitoring and Analysis Group, IMD, Pune said.

“Comparatively, north Madhya Maharashtra region will get moderate showers in the same period. There will be isolated downpour in Konkan region including Mumbai,” he said.

When asked about the possibility of cyclone, he said, “The possibility can not be rejected. The current developments are conclusive enough that there is going to be a cyclone on the east coast. It will bring heavy rains to Odisha, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. But it will also cause some heavy spells in Maharashtra,” Mr Srivastava said.

An official from the state’s Agriculture department said that rains in Maharashtra would increase water levels in the dams and provide irrigation for Rabi crops. 


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