Apple Maps Updated With Google Maps-Like Turn-By-Turn Navigation For India

Apple Maps now come with turn-by-turn navigation in India as the tech giant aims to make the app more practical for users, while taking on the highly popular and preferred Google Maps.

While Apple Maps have been an in-built feature in iOS devices, users have seldom used the same over the practicality of Google Maps. However, in a bid to take on the latter, Apple has now added turn-by-turn navigation for Apple Maps in India. The voice navigation feature is not only available on iOS and macOS devices but will also be available on the Apple CarPlay in-car infotainment systems. Last year, Apple had integrated Google Maps into CarPlay, allowing users to use the application while driving.

In addition, Apple Maps in India now also come with service integration that allows users to app based cab services like Uber and Ola, while searching for a location. You can then choose to book a cab from the app, or get redirected to the cab service’s mobile application. The feature has already been available on Google Maps for a while. That said, Apple Maps has been known to lag behind Google Maps in terms of information.


The app is not the best when it comes to offering alternate route suggestions in peak traffic hours, whereas essential features like flyover support and 3D view are yet to be offered in India. Clearly, Apple Maps has a lot of catching up to do when compared to Google Maps. The latter has been downloaded by over one billion people and is one of the most used services across the world from the tech giant. Also, the sheer number of Android, Microsoft based devices over Apple make it a more compatible choice across phones and systems.

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