Apple Confirms T2 Security Chip Blocks Unauthorised Repairs of New Mac Models

Apple at its October hardware event last month announced the launch of the new MacBook Air and Mac mini models in its PC lineup. Much like the current MacBook Pro and iMac Pro range, these two devices also sport the company’s T2 Security Chip on the MacBook Air helps in hands-free Siri control as well as prevents the microphone from recording audio when the lid of the laptop is closed. Apple has now confirmed that it blocks certain third-party repairs on these newer Mac devices with the T2 Security Chip, forcing the user to get them repaired from an Apple Store or an Apple Authorised Service Provider.

In a confirmation to The Verge, Apple stated that it blocks certain unauthorised, third-party repairs for the newer Mac models, launched in October 2018, publicly acknowledging the issue for the first time since the developments emerged last month. However, the tech giant did not say which parts would be rendered unserviceable. Additionally, it did not specify as to whether the current MacBook Pro and iMac Pro (with T2 chip) are also affected by this change.

To recall, a report in October, before the hardware launch, had claimed that the T2 Security Chip prevents the repair of the logic board, Touch ID, keyboard, battery, trackpad, and speakers on the latest MacBook Pro models. On the iMac Pro, this is limited to only the logic board and flash storage. This was reportedly put in place to eliminate independent repair stores from replacing these parts.

The claims were, however, soon refuted by yet another report which claimed that the display on the MacBook Pro 2018 could be replaced independently without the need of visiting an Apple Store or any of the Apple Authorised Service Providers. Thus, Apple has not made it clear yet as to whether the block applies to previous models, however it could simply be done via a software update in the near future.


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