Air India Express Flight Taking Off From Trichy Hit Airport Wall, All 136 On Board Safe

Two wheels of an Air India Express flight hit a wall at the Trichy airport.


A Dubai-bound Air India flight hit the boundary wall of the airport in Tamil Nadu’s Trichy late last night. 136 passengers and crew members who were on board are safe.

The Air India Express flight was diverted to Mumbai after two of its wheels hit the wall at 1:19 am. The flight has landed safely in Mumbai. After landing in Mumbai, some damages were noticed on the aircraft. Another flight has been arranged to take the passengers from Mumbai to Dubai, Air India said.

The pilot and the co-pilot have been taken off the roster, and an internal probe has begun. 

The top aviation watchdog, Director General of Civil Aviation, will investigate the incident, a senior airport official said. “Two wheels of the flight touched the top part of the boundary wall as the plane appears to have overshot the runway. We will soon replace the ILS (Instrumentation Landing System) antenna,”  the official told NDTV.

The top portion of the airport boundary wall collapsed following the accident.

Officials said the flight’s antenna too was damaged and its broken parts were found on the ground.

Another officer said, “We had reported this to the pilot. He had confirmed that everything was fine and hence the flight was diverted to Mumbai.”


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