76 Villages Submerged In Assam As Heavy Rains Force Dam To Be Opened

Over 1.4 lakh people have been affected in Assam due to the heavy rains and flash floods


Heavy rains in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh have led to the Ranganadi dam being opened, which resulted in 76 villages in Assam being submerged and the lives of thousands being affected.

Neepco authorities at Yajuli in Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh were compelled to open three gates of the Ranganadi dam on Thursday due to the river overflowing.

The release of dam water has submerged 76 villages in Lakhimpur district, impacting nearly 25,000 people. The swirling waters have damaged 3,560 hectares of standing crop.

The Lakhimpur district administration had on Thursday evening alerted people to be cautious but not panic over the release of excess water from Ranganadi reservoir.

On March 11 last year, release of dam water had resulted in the Ranganadi wreaking havoc in 220 villages, breaching embankments at Amtola and near Lakhimpur.

Over one lakh people have been affected by the heavy rains and flash floods in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Ferry services in Assam, where six districts experienced flash floods, have been stopped due to the rising river waters.

Assam’s Dhemaji district, known for its perennial floods, is teetering on the brink with 173 villages inundated, affecting 47,471 people. Nearly 7,108 hectares of standing crop have been damaged. The district administration has opened three relief camps where 805 inmates have taken shelter.

A portion of bridge number 693 over Jiadhal river between Dhemaji and Bordoloni stations has been washed away.

The Northeast Frontier Railways said eight trains have been short terminated or cancelled.

In Arunachal Pradesh’s capital Itanagar, incessant rain since Thursday has caused heavy flash floods resulting in a child’s death and three people missing. Three more people have died in the state due to floods and landslides.

Early on Friday, a massive landslide triggered by rains has blocked roads in the state’s Papum Pare district. Reportedly a Tata Sumo with 10 passengers was buried under the landslide. However, all 10 have been rescued. Landslides triggered by rains has become a common situation. Many spots at the Yupia-Potin Trans-Arunachal Highway have been blocked due to the landslides.


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