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Sukumar Kumari 21F Movie Review – A New Age Love Story

kumari 21f movie review

Movie: Kumari 21F
Banner: Sukumar Writings
Cast: Raj Tharun, Hebbah Patel, Noel, Hema and others
Dialogues: Potluri Venki
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: R Rathnavelu
Editor: Amar Reddy
StoryScreenplay: Sukumar B
Producers: Vijaya Prasad Bandreddi and Thomas Reddy Aduri
Director: Surya Pratap 

Rating: 3.3/5

Kumari 21F raised curiosity with bold content shown in the trailers and has understandably caught the attention of youngsters. Kumari 21F, starring Raj Tharun and Hebah Patel in lead, is directed by Surya Prathap, produced by Sukumar under his own production house Sukumar’s Writings. Apart from producing the film Sukumar has also penned story and screenplay for this film. 


As the title indicates, the film revolves around Kumari (Hebah Patel), who is very outspoken and a small time model by profession. When the Mumbai based girl relocates to Hyderabad, she meets Siddhu (Raj Tharun), who aspires to settle in Singapore as chef and his gang of friends. Though Siddhu finds Kumari saucy, he eventually falls for her and enjoys the liberty. But the conflict arises when he starts to doubt her character because of her boldness. When he decides to test her loyalty with the help of his friends, an ugly turn of events takes place revealing the twists in the heroine’s life. What made Kumari a bold girl? What are those ugly turn of events in the tale? These form the rest of the story.


Raj Tarun innocent looking face and lean physique adds authenticity to the character. He again impressed with high jinks and he played well as a confused youngster.  Heebah Patel is good as the female lead, as she looked bold, energetic and glamorous. She went overboard at times but did a decent job on the whole. Noel is good as the bad guy. Friends characters provided fun at times. Hema is seen in a role where she underplays for the first time.

Technical Aspects:

Kumari 21 F is a technically rich film as it has proven technicians like Rathnavelu and Devi Sri Prasad, attached to it. Randy’s cinematography added the fresh feel to the film, while Devi Sri Prasad takes away some brownie points by scoring catchy and youthful tunes for this new age love story. Written by Sukumar, the film’s story comes as a hard hitting, bold and realistic one. Director Surya Pratap, he has done a decent job with the film. Even though he goes overboard in showcasing heroine’s character in certain areas, he nicely justifies it up during the climax.


The film is certified with an ‘A’ for a reason and avoid watching it with family to keep yourself away from embarrassing moments. On the whole, Kumari 21 F is, perhaps, a too forward film for Telugu audience to accept right now but it will surely win the love of youth. Sukumar has pushed the boundaries in establishing the characters. Heart of the film lies in the pre climax and climax scenes where the movie takes a complete U turn with an unexpected ending. This is where the brilliance of Sukumar’s writing comes to the fore and Kumari will leave a lasting impression on the audience either it is good or bad. This youthful entertainer stays true to its genre and is bound to do well with the younger lot.

i-Say: An Impressive Bold Love Story 

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