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Phanindra Narsetti Birthday Special by Inka Kavala

Phanindra Narsetti born on November 5th, 1988, a self-taught filmmaker who firmly believes that creativity cannot be taught.

When he said his love for cinema to his family, he faced enormous pressure from them to get into a film institute or work under some filmmaker neither of which he believes in. So, he started his work from the scratch entering into global ad competitions and making short films. He won International awards twice for Mofilm in Goa and Kathmandu festivals, which has hosts like Jon Landau, Forest Whitaker, Jesse Eisenberg etc. in 2010 and 2011 consecutively, which bagged him a place in top 10 Mofilm Indian filmmakers at the very beginning of his career. He then understood the intensity and benefits of learning by self, the freedom to make mistakes and bettering the craft everyday.

This made him to experiment more. So, he came out with an experiment with his very first short film Backspace, which he completely shot, edited and dubbed using only an IPhone 4s, which was the first of its kind then, which later inspired many other enthusiasts around him to take a dry run. He then came out with a beautiful Love Story(a Story about Love) “Madhuram“, which made him won million of hearts.

On this eve of his birthday we are posting his collection that made him won many number of hearts.

MadhuramIt’s not a Love Story. But a Story about Love.

Released in 2014 and still it remain as the one of the Best Independent Films.

BackspaceA short film written, shot, edited and dubbed entirely on an iPhone 4s by Phanindra Narsetti.

Released in 2012 and got appreciation from many Film Makers from many Directors like Ram Gopal Varma.

Wishing Phanindra Narsetti A Very Happy Birthday..!

Inka Kavala..!


Chala..! Inka Kavala..!

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