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Film: Surya vs Surya
Cast: Nikhil, Tridha Choudary, Madhubala, Tanikella Bharani
Director: Karthik Ghattamaneni
Producer: Malkapuram Shivkumar
Music: Satya Mahaveer
Banner: Suraksh Entertainments
CBFC Certificate: U
Release Date: 5th March, 2015.

i-Rating: 3/5

Nikhil is back with one more romantic comedy film ‘Surya Vs Surya’. The film is directed by Karthik Ghattamaneni which is a debute to the director. Lets see how the Surys vs Surys is:


Surya(Nikhil) suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Porphyria which will kill him if he gets exposed to sunlight. Loosing no hope, Surya chooses to avoid the day time and manages his life during the nights.

Twist in the turn arises when a TV anchor named Sanjana(Tridha Chowdary) falls in love with him. AHowever, Surya’s happiness didn’t last longer and Sanjana breaks up with him. Why did Sanjana break up? Did Surya win his love back? The rest should be watched in theatres.


Nikhil has done a great job with his looks and acting skills are much improved. He has superbly portrayed the role of Surya and carried the whole movie with subtle performance and balanced emotions.

Tridha Choudhury made a descent debut with good acting skills. She looks glamorous enough for the role.

Madhubala is neat and thoroughly did her parts well.

Tanikella Bharani takes the due credit for his role. He has outperformed the role, thanks to his experience. Satya has evoked few laughs.


Karthik Ghattamaneni scores full for his story and cinematography, but is just above average with his narration skills. Concentrating alone on direction would have made the difference.

Chemistry between Nikhil and Tridha works well. At the same time the timing between three musketeers Nikhil, Tanikella Bharani and Satya worked big time in the movie.

Comparatively, first half of Surya Vs Surya is more engaging than the second half, which falls flat due to less seriousness in the screenplay towards the end.

On the whole, Surya vs Surya has some decent moments. Nikhil’s performance, interesting story and entertaining first half are major assets of this film. Nikhil’s popularity will bring in good crowds but a slow and predictable second half slows down the flow of the film and makes it just a one time watch.


An Innovative Attempt for a Debutant Director with a Young Talented Actor.

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