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MANASARA Telugu Movie Review

 MANASARA Telugu Movie Review
Film: Manasara
Starring: Vikram, Sree Divya
Director: Ravi Babu
Producer: K Prakash Babu
Music: Sekhar Chandra

 Director Ravi Babu is known for his distinct and creative film-making. The director has yet again come up with yet another love story with debutants Vikram and Sree Divya. Well, without wasting your much time we take you to the other details of the film.
 Vikram (Vikram) is a cowardly natured person. His parents (Krishnamohan, Ushasree) repeatedly fight for small issues. Vikram’s father being a bank employee gets transferred to a small place in Rajapalayam Kerala where the people follow culture and tradition. Vikram’s family moves into the house of Krishnan Kutty (Bhanuchander) as tenants. Vikram meets Anjali (Sri Divya) and falls in love with her in his first sight. However, Anjali’s brother-in-law George, champion in Kalari and does not encourage lovers. Vikram and Anjali finally fall in love. How do the hero fight over George and wins his love is the rest of the story.
The lead actors, Vikram and Sri Divya need to improve in their acting skills and dialogue deliveries. Bhanu chander gives his best justification to his role. George who has played the villain role impresses with his sharp features and good screen presence.
Manasara is weak in its content and the story reminds you of films like Jayam and other Hollywood films ‘The Karate Kid’ ‘Blood Sport’.
Though the film was good in its technical department it lacks in story, screenplay and comedy.
Final Verdict
Manasara has nothing to offer fresh and unique. The film starts on a dull note and the first half is repetitive. Though the second half picks up, the climax again makes you boring.
My Review: 2.25/5
Chala..! Inka Kavala..!

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